Blind Date by Martin Brick

Blind Date by Martin Brick

Art museum. Traditional Garden of Eden. Adam. Eve. Strategic leaves.

“I read an article about how it couldn’t have been an apple. The author suggested it most likely was a fig, geography-wise.”

“For real or just arguing horticulture for curiosity’s sake?”

“Don’t remember. But it makes you wonder, why apple?”

“Apple in Latin is “malus” which is also Latin for evil.”

“Like malevolent.” SAT practice!

“Red works well for the art. Complimentary to all that green.” Then, “What would you use?”

“Not an apple. They ripen in the fall. Ever been apple picking?” Didn’t wait for her answer. Probably should have. “A brisk day, right? That doesn’t mesh with walking around naked.” Best word to use? Nude? Unclothed? “I don’t mean to cliché the Bible, with nudity, temptation, paradise…, but we have a default for tropical lushness. So I’d go with something vaguely exotic. Mango?”

She doesn’t comment or even show judgment.

“I like breadfruit.”

“Breadfruit?,” with implied “what the fuck is a…”

“Polynesian. Rather pale with a rough surface. But that’s not important. I like it for the metaphor. In the Bible salvation comes through the Bread of life, right? So if the fall begins with bread, then bread has a chance to redeem itself. There’s more consistency, more wholeness. By extension, humans are more responsible for their salvation, less a gift from God.”

Thoughtful theory. He’s thinking, this date is not ending in my bed, is it? She thinks, Exactly, but do you know why not?

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  1. A little philosophic humor. Breaking the fourth wall in the end was done well. Funny!

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