Homage by Elizabeth Irvine

Homage by Elizabeth Irvine

Kele! Hey! You there! What are you doing hacking into my breadfruit tree with that enormous knife? That tree has nourished the family of Roberto for generations, unsullied by vandals and vagrants alike. What remorseless rogue rends the bark of an unassuming and helpless tree? What crenulated bundle of rumpus dares to trespass and strike without provocation? Young sir, you are tastelessly overdressed for a morning of lawless machete wielding! What deranged dilettante wears an evening gown and Jimmy Choos to caulk a canoe? I warn you, Sir, your dangerous penchant for iridescent accessories and waspish waistline will not disguise that five o’clock shadow in the crystalline light of day! You are nothing but a swarthy, bewhiskered, lumber jacking Paris Hilton sans chihuahua. Is that a BOX of wine? Sir, you go too far! Slashing at my family’s very sustenance with your sword, your crimes against fashion (although I do rather like that scarf failing to obscure your adams apple… Hermes?) and now this… this BOX of warm, half swilled Zinfandel at your humongous stilettoed heel? You are a desperate degenerate and I curse you! A pox upon your sparkly, push up, Dita Von Teese Wonder Bra! What? For me? Really? It is Hermes, isn’t it? Why yes, it does highlight the yellow feral glint in my eyes quite nicely, doesn’t it? Kimi is it? Lovely name. Charmed to make your acquaintance, I am Roberto the fruit bat.


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4 responses to “Homage by Elizabeth Irvine

  1. For some reason breadfruit brought to mind Roberto the fruitbat and his Fijian transvestite companion Kimi from Christopher Moore’s Island of the Sequined Love Nun. I started wondering how the 2 met and went from there. I’m a huge fan of Moore’s absurdist nuttiness and just finished reading Fool, his stab at Shakespeare’s King Lear, which is a ridiculous bucket of fun.

  2. That’s interesting! I’m always curious what causes the train of thought that leads to a story.

    Also, I just requested ‘Fool’ from the library. Never heard of it before, but I love Shakespeare and modern adaptions. :)

  3. Fruitbat Flash – could be a whole new thing!

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