Bounce! by Katherine Nabity

One day, the world fell. People in the southern hemisphere felt
slightly flattened. In the northern, everyone was on a roller coaster
as their guts jumped, briefly into their throats. That went on for a
little over a day. The effect wasn’t quite enough to panic over. The
entire world felt…off. Queasy, no matter where they were.

After a twenty-six hours, it reversed. The northern inhabitants felt
like they were in an express elevator that was a little too express.
Below the equator, men and women put their foot forward only to find
that the earth was a fraction of a fraction of an inch lower than they

Twenty-four hours later, the reversal occurred again. Ivan
Solomonovich of St. Petersburg felt just a tad like he was floating,
while Ben Simons of Perth felt the sky weighing down on his head.

Science had no explanation. In all other ways, the universe was still
in tact. The sun, moon, and other astral bodies stayed in their proper
relative positions based on the calendar day. The tides remained
unchanged. Physics, too, was unaffected. It was only that people, and
perhaps animals based on their behavior, felt that the world was
moving up and down, every cycle two hours shorter. Over the period,
the sales of Maalox and Pepto-Bismol quadrupled.

Philosophers came to one conclusion: while God does not play dice with
the universe, He does play jacks with worlds.


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4 responses to “Bounce! by Katherine Nabity

  1. Oh ye gods, how hilarious!

    I just hate when that happens. And the last line, of course, is brilliant. Loved this story.

  2. Sam

    Haha! Great story – a wonderful concept, well told.

  3. Hey, great to see you here! That was brilliant, especially the part about Maalox sales going up & how God plays jacks. The last line was killer.

    Well done.

  4. Wonderful details and terrific ending.

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