First Ornamental Calamity by stephen hastings-king

1. The plastic sphere snow does not stop falling through glycerine onto the model New England village, center of a permanent storm into which no people venture.
2. In a glycerine temporality places set for lunch lift from shaking tables to describe peculiar drifting orbits just above which are visible in their intricacies from viewpoints framed by doorways through which guests never walk.
3. In a glycerine temporality a body splayed beneath a bed can hover a short distance above the floor.
4. When the inhabitants of the model village from under beds or pinned in doorways shout to see if others are OK each sends sound waves that ripple across the interminable unfoldings of the apparent dissonance of an earthquake in winter.
5. Outside the snow does not fall. The ground rushes up to meet it.

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