Little Worlds by Darryl Price

Little worlds got up as usual and stretched her crampy palms into a tiny shove against the big fat day already trying to sit on her face that usually meant nothing more than that she could use three more minutes of camping next to her dreams because she thought she saw something slightly unusual bobbing out on the river’s edge and she really should check it out as it just might prove to be important to the future’s hours after all.


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2 responses to “Little Worlds by Darryl Price

  1. Impressive that you fit so much imagery into one extremely long sentence! Nice.

    • deepee10

      Dear ganymeder– Well, I went to your blog and checked it out. Very impressive, lots of heart, lots of courage, lots of creativity–all the sorts of things I absolutely love to see in the world. Thanks for leaving a comment. Please post more of your poems here and on Fictionaut.I know they will be well received.

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