Little Worlds by Lou Freshwater

She looks out of place in this desk. It is the same kind of desk you find in any crappy middle school in any crummy town. But she is glamour in this desk. She takes her compact out while the Professor drones on about the importance of a thesis statement and after that she takes out a tube and puts it on her lips. It is a clear gloss that really just makes her natural deep pink color shiny. She turns her lips in toward each other like a Venus Flytrap and she rubs them together. The obese kid with the long ponytail who always wears the Metallica T-shirts watches her. His mouth opens and hangs, he leaves his eyes open but he doesn’t seem to be there anymore. She takes out a bottle of lotion and squeezes some out on the palm of her hand and rubs her lips together again and starts to rub the lotion into her palms and into the backs of her hands and she seems to be taking such pleasure in all of it and he is with her, he is with her, he is there in her own little world.


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4 responses to “Little Worlds by Lou Freshwater

  1. “he is with her, he is with her” I believe that.

  2. Wonderfully written. I have nothing more to say.

  3. guy

    Ah, the horror of middle school.

  4. wbjorkman

    You just know that Venus Flytrap will ensnare some other trim popular best-of-a-bad-lot swarm. But at least for that one moment, the fat Metallica head is with her. Nice glimpse of a little moment in a little world, well done.

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