What Might Have Been by Catherine Russell

When she saw the small jello pyramid, she knew she’d waited much too long to clean the fridge. Tiny green creatures bowed before the surprisingly rigid structure, prostrate with piety.

Then they spotted her.

The descendants of some particularly nasty leftovers screamed in terror at the sight of her. Well, some of them did. Others cowered behind either the lime colored pyramid or an open box of baking soda. Many ran to a tinfoil monstrosity covered by mold spores, but for all she knew it might have been their nursery. Still others gathered weapons to defend themselves against the coming onslaught. Their wise men (wise molds?) had prophesied of the time of the coming of the great blue bottle, unleashing its deadly spray, and the monster who would one day wield it. They stole toothpicks from ancient leftovers and waved them at her.

Sally sighed and sprayed the cleaner, wiping out the beginnings of a promising new civilization. She really needed to clean the damn fridge more often.



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6 responses to “What Might Have Been by Catherine Russell

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  2. Hmm… I’ll never see cleaning the fridge in the same way again. :) Very funny story.

  3. This is a great piece, loads of fun!

    PS: Were you by any chance thinking of the my roommate’s fridge? :P

  4. This is laugh-out-loud, you-have-to-read-this-right-now funny. Love it!!

  5. guy

    I enjoyed this. Once again we’re sort of in the same general area in our response to the theme.

  6. wbjorkman

    Except those packets of soy & duck sauce, they lay there calmly, knowing you’ll put them back, with breathing space to spare.


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