Young Journey by Matthew A. Hamilton

A golden ray trickle of
the sun slowly rises
from its watery chamber.

The waves of the metallic blue sea quietly slap
the sides of the lonely sail boat.
Young adventurers,
a school of awkward fish,
jump into the blue experience
and slowly make
their way to a nearby atoll.

The quiet sea explodes with foam and bubbles.
Chthonian voices echo beneath skeletal ships.
Barracudas swim at a close distance,
curious at the sight of unfamiliar creatures of the sea.
Stingrays stealthily search for small fish.
A sea horse gallops nearby.

Above the water is Nassau.
Street merchants,
a poor and beleaguered people,
rise early,
patiently wait
for knickknack buying tourists.

A baby girl cuddles on her mother’s lap.
Children run around barefoot,
torn shirts bleeding into their skin.

Parties stimulate the evening.
The streets are cluttered with smack agents,
barhops and vice girls.

The rhythmic sound of Reggae Music
burns the sultry air of smoke and mixed drinks.
Sweaty bodies pop like champagne bottles,
their dreams explode into white bubbles of
crystalline essence and turquoise honey.

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One response to “Young Journey by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. I really liked this, especially the last stanza when you talk about champagne and bubbles.

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