MENTAL CARTOGRAPHY by Catherine Russell

Lewis and Clark had nothing on Professor Charleston Hedgewig. While the explorers merely crossed a continent, the professor mapped minds.

“This will pinch a little,” he said, inserting the needle into her arm.

“Doctors always say that,” she said, wincing. “When do I get paid for this study anyway?”

“I should think you’ll get your check soon,” said the professor. “Have you made out your will?”

Her eyes widened. “Will? What… why?”

He fiddled with the monitor and made some notes. “Nothing. Just a joke. Please go through the questionnaire carefully. Be sure to read and answer aloud since I’m recording the data. And remember, be honest. This is for posterity, you know.”

She raised an eyebrow but obeyed his instructions to the letter. The doctor followed the images on the screen without comment, barely containing his excitement. The injections worked far better than even he imagined – mapping the neural pathways more precisely than ever before.

After the test was over, he instructed her to leave. “Please send in the next subject,” he said. She nodded, closing the door behind her.

The doctor reflected on the unfortunate side effects of the injections. If only the subjects survived longer, he could learn so much more. As things stood, he was pushing the field of neural research beyond anything achieved before. After all, sacrifices must be made in the name of science.



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5 responses to “MENTAL CARTOGRAPHY by Catherine Russell

  1. R.G. MacLeod

    This brought to mind a short lived sitcom about a pair of guys who make their living as experimental test subjects called “Testees.”

  2. Yikes! Great story. Nice snapshot of the evil scientist (who doesn’t think he’s evil at all).

    • drwasy

      Of course I love this story — the breach of medical ethics, the pursuit of knowledge at all costs, the stuff I love to read about and write myself. Well-played, gany — and SO happy to find you here! Peace…

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