Not Drawn to Scale by Martin Brick

He says just get up, insisting the place is right around the corner.

She says, from her spot on the curb in dirty parking lot, that’s the third time he’s said that

He says the service station guy didn’t draw the map to scale, but now he’s got it figured out.

She says they should call a cab.

He says you’re kidding, for two blocks?

She says no, to take them out of this armpit where his car broke down and go somewhere nice for lunch.

He says don’t criticize the car. She wanted the used Lexus off his lot, even though the Honda was more dependable.

She says you’re one who says a car tells people who you want to be.

He says a used Lexus tells people you want to be a person with a new Lexus. But you’re not. So really you’re a person who risks costly breakdowns.

She says going to a pub the mechanic recommends risks heartburn or ptomaine.

He says they’re stranded; might as well enjoy themselves.

She says, then, cab.

He says walk two blocks.

She says you walk in these shoes.

He says the shoes are never a problem at the beech house her father owns. Only a problem somewhere she doesn’t want to be.

She says you can’t read anything right.

He thinks ain’t that the truth – not the map, not the hoses of a ’96 Lexus, not the look she gave him back when they met…

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One response to “Not Drawn to Scale by Martin Brick

  1. The whole he-said she-said sing song worked really well in this; gave the story an almost musical lilt considering its about an argument. The contrast worked really well.

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