Real Eyes by Susan Tepper

He watched me through the lens taking shot after shot. He said, “You know, you’re very hot,” multiple times during the shoot. He was a pro. He knew saying those words would turn me on and he’d get his best work.

I had changed for the shoot in the next room, his bedroom. All my different tops were laid out across his bed. The hair and make-up guy had whispered at one point, “He likes you, he said you’re very clean, you wash behind your ears.”

“Well doesn’t everyone!”

“You can’t believe the dirty girls we get here for head shots,” the hair and make-up guy said.

When he finally put down the camera I looked at him, ready for anything. His eyes were dead. Flat and gray like an old fish. So totally dead. Still. I wanted the hair and make-up guy to get lost.

“Change into the black V-neck,” flat eyes said. “That sexy white throat and your clavicle bone…”

I stared closely into his eyes. Nothing. He’d almost talked dirty. It was discouraging. The make-up guy, paid by the hour, wasn’t going away so fast. He fluffed my hair, lifted and misted the top.

Back behind the camera again flat eyes said, “Lick your lips,” about four dozen times. Then, “Think where you’d like your lips to be. Yes, yes, yes,” he kept saying shot after shot.

His real eyes, the camera, brimming for me.

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5 responses to “Real Eyes by Susan Tepper

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  2. This was a bit creepy, but I liked the idea of the camera being his real eyes.

  3. Very interesting characters!!

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