The Sand Wedges There by Walter Bjorkman


Him: “You know, you really aren’t any taller, its more like an optical delusion.”

Her: “Illusion, you mean illusion, not ‘delusion.'”

Him: “No, I mean delusion. An illusion is a lie from the get-go, an oasis. With a delusion you trick your own mind.”

Her: “Thanks for clearing that up.”

Him: “Like your wedges.”


Him: “Well, a delusion is also more like the moon seeming larger near the horizon.”

Her: “But an illusion can be a delusion too.”

Him: “Not so sure – can an illusion be seen wrong?”

Her: “Say you saw a girl like me — you thought it an illusion, like an oasis, but it isn’t. It’s a delusion because you tricked your own mind into thinking you saw the girl.”

Him: “I see. A girl like you in the desert when others imagine palms. But an illusion can’t come from a delusion – because of the time line. The pic has to get to the mind first.”

Her: “So an illusion comes from being delirious not delusional.”

Her: “So that means my wedges are real, and delude no one. They just are.”

Him: “Ah – a self-illusion is a delusion – you are getting in too deep for me here, my brain hurts.” 

The moon slowly grew larger as it began its descent to the horizon, the desert night’s relief soon to end.

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5 responses to “The Sand Wedges There by Walter Bjorkman

  1. Ha! I think my brain hurts a little too. I think most people have had conversations like this at some time or other; right?

    My favorite part-
    >Him: “Like your wedges.”


  2. I always enjoy stories with word-play and this was no exception. He is so weird, and funny, and she being the straight-man brought this off really well! I was laughing at the screwiness of it and like the way you brought it to its soft conclusion

  3. An illusion is a lie fro mthe get go, an oasis.

    Love it. Nice denoument. Peace…

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  5. Catherine Davis

    I love this. Deceptively simple (illusion of simplicity?), it probes very complex territory. Beautifully, and with humor.

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