BARBARA by Marcus Speh

This is my last cigarette, said the serious writer more to himself than to anyone else: he’d pulled the shutters down, switched off the phone and sat in front of an empty desk inhaling. This doesn’t have to be your last one, said the cigarette, and the writer was surprised at the sexy voice. He felt like giving it a strong name, like Barbara. I think you’re panicking, he said to her. She sighed, blowing smoke, tickling his throat with memories of the many moments when smoking had given him unearthly pleasures. There’s nobody like me, Barbara hummed, nobody so forgiving and so attentive to your deepest, darkest needs. The serious writer nodded, conscious of his loss, and crushed her on the last breath.

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8 responses to “BARBARA by Marcus Speh

  1. deepee10

    Excellent. Everything here works toward the story and makes the statement a conscious reality.

    • thank thee, d.p. it’s all exactly as it happens people always think we make this stuff up but you and i know we don’t – we never would that would be worse than dishonest: it’d be weak.

  2. Cool. But why am I logged in as Michelle Elvy? I’m not Michelle Elvy. I’m merely married to Michelle Elvy. And I look after her children. Am I for this reason to be forever in her shadow? Am I to be defined solely in relation to her? I am oppressed. Hear me roar — meekly.

  3. … ah, that’s better. As I was saying: cool.

  4. Nicotine as the seductress, which it is — calming and ennervating all at once. Really well done, but of course you know that ;^) peace…

  5. See, now I want a cigarette. This is gorgeous. Like when your knee’s all healed and the scab’s ready to pick. That much fun. Tomorrow I will be sniffing smokers and thinking of you. It’s beautifully done. ‘There’s nobody like me, Barbara hummed…’
    No. There wouldn’t be.

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