Drive, you sd, for christ’s sake by Ryder Collins

Drive, you sd, for christ’s sake

This weekend was supposed to be about intellect and soul-mating, but, like all others, it’s turned into body and longing. You sit in my passenger seat, and I let you smoke in my wee car with the windows rolled down.

We’ve come from a wedding, a fairy ring, a carnival, an executioning, anything that’s spectacle, and you sat beside me that whole time and we sweated together and you made sure your leg grazed mine but only every now and then.

I would’ve had sex with you every time I felt your leg against mine.

You say you were imagining me giving you head at the altar, on a mushroom, a ferris wheel, the electric chair.

I would have done you but I started thinking about love and hate, about the hair on my toes, my 70s bush, my weak teeth, my ability to fall for the right cock and the wrong guy. You could be a hipster; you attach yourself to the right people and feed feed feed. Everyone wants to introduce you to others.

I want to introduce you to the priest, the barker, the Faerie Queen, the executioner. I want to show you god, show you magic, con and kill you.

Or maybe, I want to lock you in my car and just drive.

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7 responses to “Drive, you sd, for christ’s sake by Ryder Collins

  1. Great stuff, so much anger jumping off the page. or maybe it’s confised longing. Dunno. But I like it. What’s the ‘sd’ in the title? Peace…

    • Ryder

      Thanks, Linda! “Sd” is “said.” I cribbed the title from a Creeley poem.

      Although I also liked Susan’s Fictionaut suggestion that “sd” = “stupid dick.”

  2. Crudely sexy. Intense.

  3. Intense, raw, unflinching. First I thought it was a male pov, so you might want to give us a little clue to gender a bit earlier. But that aside, this is powerful and lyrical stuff you wrote here

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