Good Morning by Guy Yasko

A figure in a dirty shirt and pyjamas puts a sandaled foot tentatively
through the tobacconist’s broken window. He holds a coffee pot in one
hand, a cigarette in the other. He joins a fire-tender in the circle of
chairs besides the barricade. Nods and glances suffice; it is as yet too
early to talk. Others join them as the cicadas begin their chorus.  One
of the newcomers distributes mugs.

The barricade is a row of cars on their sides. The cars are all black,
charred, but only one still smokes from its glassless side window. The
source of the smoke is a growing pile of cigarette butts within the
car. From time to time, one of the coffee drinkers flicks a butt through
the open window.

The cicadas grow louder.

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7 responses to “Good Morning by Guy Yasko

  1. Tobin Manley

    Very Evocative Guy, I’m glad to discover your blog.

  2. The setting was revealed beautifully. Great way to paint the scene.

  3. very nice.
    i keep flipping the last two sentences of the first paragraph around, trying to figure out if the cicadas could be made a symmetrical element and if doing that changes the effect. i’m not sure. it’s fun to play around with. i think i like symmetries like that too much sometimes.

    well done, sir.

  4. guy

    Thanks everyone. Nice to see you here, Tobin. (still up for lunch sometime.)

    Steve — i did that, too. Obviously i went with the somewhat asymmetrical version. The cicadas grow louder, so maybe they should have more of a presence at the end. Also, sometimes i think it is enough to suggest symmetry. It’s there as a possibility.

  5. Very visual. Very powerful. Peace…

  6. Tobin Manley

    Definitely still up for lunch Guy, absolutely. I’ll let you know, Friday’s are best. I’ll drop you a line.
    Best, Tobin

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