Where there’s smoke by Catherine Russell

Ralph and Gary reeled away from the tapping at the driver’s side window. Fumbling for the unseen latch, Gary opened the door. Thwack!

Horrified, he stepped out and over the body of a prostrate cop. The officer held his head and peered at Gary through great billows of smoke that poured from car’s interior. Sitting up, he glanced back at the rock – annointed crimson by his head. “What the hell did you do that for?” he asked. From the passenger side, Ralph stumbled out, waving his arms to disapate the clouds.

“Just having a smoke, dude,” said Gary. Sweet aroma saturated his clothing.

“From cigarettes! I swear!” said Ralph.

The officer closed his eyes and rubbed the lids. “Yeah, right. Why did you assault me?”

Befuddled and confused, Gary asked, “Assault?”

“You slammed me with the door.”

The giggling that ensued annoyed the crap out of Officer Bart. “Oh man!” said Gary. “No, dude, my windows don’t work.”

Wobbling, the policeman stood up and brushed himself off. He told the two men, “Okay, turn around and spread ’em. You’re under arrest.”

The two obeyed, snickering uncontrollably. The officer read them their rights. When he asked, “Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?” Gary turned, face suddenly serious. “Does this mean we can’t take our munchies with us?”

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4 responses to “Where there’s smoke by Catherine Russell

  1. guy

    This had me thinking about the end of McCarthyism & HUAC, when people like Abby Hoffman turned them into jokes and just laughed.

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  3. (snort)

    Very funny. I really enjoyed this one. Munchies indeed — the important things in life. peace…

  4. Heh. I’m lucky nothing like this ever happened to me…

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