Opposites attract by Catherine Russell

She fanned herself in the sweltering heat of the church and dreamed of the vegan spring rolls she would order for lunch afterwards. Her godless ways condemned her to hell, according to the man onstage, but all she cared about was the man she sat next to.

He sat in the pew and held her free hand, devotedly trying to save her soul while listening to the preacher condemn it, and dreamed of cheesburgers.

The service ended. They exited the building together, hand in hand, and drove into the day.

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9 responses to “Opposites attract by Catherine Russell

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  2. Good way of using food as the opposing factors instead of physical or emotional attributes as is the usual case.

    I’m assuming that the lovely man saved her soul? :)

  3. guy

    I like the satire in the food fantasies. If they’re thinking about spring rolls and cheeseburgers, this one probably won’t last, even if she is willing to go to church for him.

  4. Super story — food and religion all rolled up. So that’s what people are thinking in the pews — what’s for lunch? Great response to the theme, completely unique. Peace…

  5. Randal Houle

    You had me at vegan spring rolls.

  6. Al McDermid

    Saving and damning souls, and cheeseburgers all in one sentence! And vegan spring rolls. I really like you’ve included so many oppositions here. You’ve got to love flash fiction.

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