The Union of Opposites by Darryl Price

Oh look there’s a very tall one with
a squatting toad, not in a bad way,
but in a hey wait up you’re walking
way too fast for me to keep up
with you today kind of way. His feet

slide over the surface of the earth like
he’s on skies while her feet punched the
earth with jagged holes every couple of steps
or so and seemed more like tiny machinery
ready to give an oily cough or two
and call it quits at any moment. And

yet they dragged on together. There’s a beautiful
hopeful smile with a sneering less enchanted grin.
Boy is she in for a big surprise.
It’s her birthday and he’s completely forgotten her
name.He’s a lumox but she’s always loved

big animals.She squeezes his arm like he’s
a favorite stuffed bear hearing a secret thought
right before bedtime. And here you go there’s
an old gut who’s been up and down
the river a few times surely by now
used to three squares a day with a

prettified younger one who’s probably still trying to
keep the last one down for the count.
All of them seem to belong to each
other anyway. Okay just one more. The undiscovered
moviestar and the clueless cheerleader who thinks he’s

a smart dresser. He struts and she gaits
it but decides to give the long haired
boy a little soft at the corners look
as he rolls by looking for his tee
shirt, which he obviously must have lost somewhere
on the way over to the beach earlier.


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3 responses to “The Union of Opposites by Darryl Price

  1. You have such a gift for words.

  2. I saw this on fn and didn’t realize you had written it (the itouch during faculty meetings makes it hard to see everything and comment). Anyway… I remember reading this and thinking – damn – how am I going to write anything worthwhile on this theme, this is so right-on? And it is, of course; I lvoe the voyeuristic feel of this, the distance of the narrator observing. Peace…

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