Misalliance by Derin Attwood

“I can’t give you my blessing,” she said gently. “It will never work. I’m sure she is lovely, and she has the most beautiful eyes. They are so big, I can see why you’re mesmerised. You are the same colour, but there are so many other differences between you.

“Her nose is a little obvious, it’d always cause comment in our circles, and is that fair to her? We have long noses in our family, Uncle Bill’s for instance, but hers is positively serpentine. Surely it would get in the way of every quiet moment you had. Her ears are a little excessive. Lovely that she would hear you, but with ears like that, she’d hear you change your mind.

“Have you really noted her legs? Solid yes, but such chunky ankles. Nothing like the elegant leg our family is so proud of.

“Her parents won’t agree, you know. Better have a broken heart now, my dear. A few tears and then look closer to home. You know, there has always been a problem between our families. Elephants are scared of mice.”

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3 responses to “Misalliance by Derin Attwood

  1. Hehe… That was cute, especially the ending.

  2. Ah, diversity makes the world spin ’round. Very satisfying. Peace…

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