Speedy the Slug by Randal Houle

On the news, the economy is all bad, but you’d never know it from my viewpoint washing dishes at Chan’s Open Kitchen. Just like that Charles Dickens thing on TV. “Stuff’s kinda good. Stuff’s also kinda bad.”

You can’t see me. I’m all the way in the back drying clean dishes with a filthy rag. My roomate, Quon, waited tables and fed me information about the patrons. After work, we’d get so high that we’d slip off the couch onto the floor and cuddle while the record player crackled and cadenced until one of us realized the needle never reset and we would fall asleep.

“See that guy.” Quon pointed and I searched through a small portal. A man in November courted May. She laughed and pawed at his shoulder. “That rich bastard’s got it all, poor guy.”

Just then, the woman’s mouth dropped. She grabbed her Martini and threw it. The man’s head was drenched. Quon said it was a dry Martini and I howled. I bolted out the back door to the alley and laughed my ass off and that’s when I saw it – a slug racing away, leaving a trail of shiny muck in its wake.

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5 responses to “Speedy the Slug by Randal Houle

  1. Not quite sure where the slug fit in, but it was funny!

    Hope you don’t mind my pointing it out, but the change of tense (2nd paragraph) is a little jarring. Otherwise, this was a very well written piece.

    • Randal Houle

      Thank you for responding to the piece.

      And no, I don’t mind at all you pointing out things that didn’t work for you, especially when followed by “very well written piece.”

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  3. Hey everyone,

    This story got picked up for the upcoming *thirteen* anthology. I’ll post a link here when it becomes available.


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