A Good Man by Michelle Ong

“I can’t believe they’re getting married.”

“Shush, the ceremony’s started. You’re just jealous she found someone
before us.”

“I don’t have to rush into anything. Oh my god, do you see her back?”


The couple exchanged vows. The groom bent his head. His long hair hid
his crinkling eyes and flushed cheeks. The bride wiped a tear dangling
from his chin. His hands grabbed hers and held them. A tattoo of a
compass covered the back of his left hand. He raised his head. Another
tattoo of a pirate flag peeked from his collar. They kissed. A few
sobs escaped the crowd.

“He’s a good man for marrying her.”

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4 responses to “A Good Man by Michelle Ong

  1. Hehe They sound like they’ll live happily ever after, unlike the people gossiping about them.

    Good story.

  2. What ganymeder said.

    A very well-rendered scene.

  3. Sweet! Enjoyed this a lot. Peace…

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