A Pile of Contradictions by Al McDermid

“What is the world but a pile of contradictions?” he had said, launching once again into one of his favorite themes. “Dark is the absence of light and evil the absence of good, and yet, can one exist without the other? No, it cannot. “

“Hold on. Darkness as the absence of light, I can see,” she said. “It’s self-evident. The sun is in the sky, or it’s not, but there’s a big black hole in your argument.”

“An anomaly,” he said with a derisive wave.

“I don’t mean an actual black hole” she said. “In order for your evil-as-the-absence-good metaphor to work, as a strict parallel to the binary relationship between light and darkness, you have to demonstrate that ‘good’ is substantial.”

“Yes,” he said, “that would be correct. Do you think I cannot?”

“I don’t see how. Despite everything happening in the world, I can see that evil has no substantial existence, but that does not mean that it’s opposite necessarily does.”

“Sure it does,” he said. “Existence may be powered by contradiction, but its essence is attraction. The glue of the world is love. What is love if not good? I’ll prove it to you.” He took her by the waist, pulled her close, and kissed her. When he let up, she held his head and continued with more vigor.

“You and I,” she said upon relenting. “Talk about a pile of contradictions.”

“Indeed,” he said. “Thank you for proving my point.”

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7 responses to “A Pile of Contradictions by Al McDermid

  1. (smile)

    If ALL hypotheses could be so proven! Great take on the theme, and welcome to 52/250! Peace…

    • Al McDermid

      Thank you. What a world that would be!

      I wanted to thank you as well. I visited your site after hearing you on the Writing Show, then followed you here.

      • Ah! Michelle alluded to such! This is a cool place, hope you continue to hang out here, good combo of art and verbage. Peace…

        • Al McDermid

          I’m finding I really enjoy flash (I’ve already finished next weeks story), so I’m sure I’ll be around.

  2. Well, who said logic *wasn’t* sexy?

    Great story. Loved it.

    • Al McDermid

      Love is often thought of as being irrational, but I cannot think of anything that makes more sense.

      Thanks. I’m glad you like it. Never thought I like writing flash, but is a lot of fun.

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