Mafia? What I know about the Mafia? – I’ll tell you: I was once married to an Italian, a gorgeous woman and an ardent Catholic. She was the daughter of a Carabinieri general, who was proud to have received a handsome payment from the Mafia for helping them kill one of their implacable opponents – down there they spring up like mushrooms after the rain, I am told. After I left her, I never lost the fear he might send someone to break my kneecaps. I still remember our last meeting: I stood outside of his black Mercedes: he lowered the tinted windows just enough for me to be able to see his sunglasses and the moustache holding them up: Son, he said, don’t forget your friends but don’t underestimate your enemies. I wasn’t listening well because I had my eyes on the rabbit leaning on him like my ex-wife used to. I swear it was grinning at me.


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5 responses to “MAFIA MARRIAGE by Marcus Speh

  1. All is not right, methinks.

    Good job.

  2. The image of the mustache holding up his shades — priceless. Peace…

  3. The rabbit is Terentino-like. Awesome noir story.

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  5. thanks everyone for your comments! aww … tarantino! all is true in this one (except roger the rabbit). i still don’t travel to italy for fear my first wife’s mafia relatives may uncaringly remember me…i’ve been away but back in town now for a couple of days and i’m looking forward to checking your stories out, too.

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