NEAR SAMOA by Ramon Collins

People said Marvin Miller was born flat-out miserable. After flunking out of an Ivy League university, “Miserable” Miller inherited a fortune, cracked up and retained the counsel of Dr. Beatrice Kukuber, psychiatrist.

Forty sessions later, Marvin refused to talk anymore and sat staring at Dr. Kukuber for the appointed hour. When she suggested he retreat to a South Sea island to find himself, he booked a flight and checked into a resort near Samoa.

One night Marvin went for an underwater walk. The suicide note read:

My darling Kuku:

I found myself. But I’m here, too.

Forever love, Marvin

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7 responses to “NEAR SAMOA by Ramon Collins

  1. What a sad story! Was he in love with his doctor?

    • Ramon


      Thanks for the read & comment. Yes, Marvin fell madly in love with his darling Kuku. (that happens in real life, too)

  2. I really like this — the images are so abrupt. But I just don’t understand the note. Something like “I’m in Samoa. But I found myself here too,” would make sense to me. But “I found myself. But I’m here, too,” seems redundant and I can’t figure out what I’m missing.

    • Love the spare prose but like Reginald, I’m scratching my head at the end. Then again, I am running on about 3 hours of sleep. Peace…

      • Ramon

        Linda: I appreciate your time and attention — thank you. Part of the answer has been directed at Reginald. The key to Micro fiction is “reader involvement”. Happy to hear you were scratchin’ your head.

    • Ramon


      Thank you. When writing short-short fiction it’s best to base characters on people you know. I once worked with a man who was rich and miserable. He used to say, “Everywhere I go, I’m there, too.”

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