The way the sky was now by Ryder Collins

We did what we had to do, donned black balaclavas and we kept moving. There were no sirens, no alarms, no newscasts, even. We just knew, and we moved.

In what used to be Philly, we drag-raced with what used to be Move. A dreadlocked woman and a naked toddler threw down the flag; we gunned our engines, we were off. We knew we had to leave them behind. Only two of them’d survived the government onslaught decades ago and these two weren’t them.

In the Dakotas, our cars danced past the Ghost Dancers. They were hard core drummers. Mickey Hart woulda been jealous, if he’d survived. Their drums kept going going going, but they all stayed in one place.

We had to move.

In the Alabamas, we ran into fog and a regiment of Confederates. We got the fuck out of there. Tout suite.

I’d like to say we didn’t remember the Alamo, but one of ours had to piss. We ran into youknowwho and he was fighting Mexicans and it was so beautiful and there were fireworks, or else it was God’s wrath, or else it was the sky now.

The way the sky was now was beautiful but you had to stop to see it.

We couldn’t stop for long; if we did we knew we’d be dead. If we were dead, we’d have to stop and then we’d have to start moving all over again.

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6 responses to “The way the sky was now by Ryder Collins

  1. Reminds me of The Road with its bleak dystopian feel. Your mixing of tense in the title and repeated in the body adds delicious tension. Feels also like part of a larger peice? Hope so. Peace…

  2. Linda took the words right out of my mouth. I was wondering about the tense change in the title, plus it feels like you’ve packed a lot of world into less than 250 words.

    If there’s more, please post a link or something. I’d like to read it. This has me really intrigued.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ryder

    Thanks a lot!

    It’s part of a story collection I’m working on about the not-too-distant dystopic future and black balaclavaed anarchists. Tentatively titled “Black balaclavas” but I really like “Black ballas” cos it just seems naughtier and anarchists could be all gangsta and shit.

    I’ll post another part of the collection on my blog soon:

  4. I read it a number of times & quite liked it. I think I remember myself having to piss somewhere around the Alamo. Can’t say I understand what’s going on but it sounds good.

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