Red Meat by Darryl Price

Red as an eye blinking in disbelief.
Red as a mistake you should have
known better than to make. Red as
a moment in a photograph where you
are looking in the wrong direction. Red

as a gift lost in the sand.
Red as a meeting between a man
and a goddess. Red as a letter
curling into its lamenting dream for the
last time ever before the transformation to

ash. Some are only living as blind
fish in a cave of commercials. They
eat theirs with a well-done tongue that
sticks itself out begging for more. Some
are fatter than the stars. While others

are teetering on the brink of repulsion,
picking up the slick plastic edges with
two delicate fingertips at a time. After
the dump it becomes more paper meat,
pink but still red.Still flying bone.

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5 responses to “Red Meat by Darryl Price

  1. Nicely written poem about an unappetizing subject. Well done.

    • deepee10

      Thanks Catherine–much appreciated. By the way I think your stuff is out of this world wonderful and creative, so I’m very happy to have you read mine.

  2. Love the ‘well-done tongue’ — brilliant! Peace…

  3. wonderful word and meaning transformations in this piece. liked it very much!

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