Stickers by Susan Tepper

So my sister hooks me up with this girl who just got out of the looney bin.  I’m not shitting you.  Lucinda, the girl’s name.  A situation straight out of a horror movie. Except my sister says she’s a very cool girl who got screwed by life.

Anyways… we make a plan to wear red T-shirts and meet near the sign outside Chuckie Cheese.

And she’s not bad from a distance, her blonde hair in a perky pony.  I wave and she waves.  But then we get close and she’s got these little stickers stuck to her face.  A few on her cheeks and three lined up across her forehead.

I’m reading some really small letters and numbers on them.  I’m wondering if they’re passes to get in and out of the looney bin— like they stamp your arm to get in a club.

She looks straight through me.  “Fruit stickers, if you must know.”


She taps her forehead reciting:  “Lemon from Chile, Sun World Black Plum, 4038 California avocado.”

“You wear fruit stickers on your face?”

Lucinda smiles beatifically.  “I only eat fruits and vegetables.”

I scratch under my T-shirt cursing my sister for setting me up with this sticker chick freak.

“Um.  Do you think you could peel them off for the movie?”

She squints.  “Why should I?”

It is a good question.  I’ll give her that.

She’s waiting; her face looks hungry.

“I believe in meat,” I say.

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16 responses to “Stickers by Susan Tepper

  1. Matt Potter

    Hmmm, I love this story but it makes me jealous: I wish I had written it.

    “I believe in meat,” so aggressive in such a red-blooded way, so stamping and final.

    I think I am with the girl though. It would take guts to wear fruit stickers on your face, and it takes guts to service ‘looney bins’ too.

    This story is a great argument for turning vegetarian!

  2. Matt Potter

    Um, I meant survive looney bins, not service them!

  3. Al McDermid

    Fruit stickers! That’s just great. And I’m with Matt, I wished I had written it, especially that last line; to ‘believe in meat’ is quite a statement.

  4. I liked this story, especially the part about the stickers being like the stamps you get for clubs.

    So she’s vegan? She should know that there are better activism opportunities than wearing fruit stickers on your face. But then again, if she was crazy… :D

  5. Matt, Al, ganymeder,
    I enjoyed all your comments so much. “I believe in Meat” was the title to a story I never completed, and then it came up here as a last line– go figure. Thanks to all of you…

    • Matt Potter

      ‘I Believe in Meat’ … yes, we should always save the great things and use them later if we can’t originally. Oh but I wish it had been my line! But it’s not, and am glad to know there are many others out there – and you of course – who appreciate the flamboyance of the very basic.

    • Al McDermid

      Supports the notion that one should never pitch anything.

  6. These characters, and their voices, are unique and memorable.

  7. EKSwitaj–
    thank you, I’m glad you found this little story memorable, that means a lot to me.

  8. funky! and good that you kept this story title, and it now transformed into the perfect ending line.

    “She’s waiting; her face looks hungry.

    “I believe in meat,” I say.

  9. Appreciate hearing the genesis of this story as a leftover from another. Loved it the first time, even better second time around. peace…

  10. love the dialogue and the voices. “her face looks hungry …” great buildup!

  11. Marcus darling, is it really you?

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