The Nebbish by Guy Yasko


Only the Nebbish is present when the new Roomer arrives with his bags.
The Roomer takes a seat on the sofa in front of the picture window. The
Nebbish takes a chair across the room.

— You’ll be down here until i leave.

The Nebbish doesn’t explain, but begins a discourse on why he wears only
undyed cotton. He connects each element of the explanation with a
rationality whose net effect is to subvert that same rationality.

The Roomer observes that the dusty cotton brings out the pink in the
Nebbish’s face.


The kitchen is dark and the Roomer squints to find the unminced garlic
on the cutting board. He finishes mincing, adds the garlic to the
frying pan, and moves on to the chicken. The Nebbish watches from

— I’m going to have to throw that cutting board away now.

The Roomer turns. His face asks “Why?”

— You put your knife on it.

— Sorry. I’ll wash it.

— It doesn’t wash off.


The collection of incongruous and incommensurate purposes and personages
within the car can only be held together in the rationality of a dream.
The Roomer isn’t sure why he is in the car or where it is headed, but
the scenery says southbound Lake Shore Drive. As they pass Lincoln Park
Zoo, he asks “How does he come to terms with his meat nature, that he
is 150 pounds of red meat?”

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5 responses to “The Nebbish by Guy Yasko

  1. This felt very dreamy and surreal.

  2. That last line is killer. Peace…

  3. guy

    Peace to you, Linda, and thanks for reading and responding. Thanks for taking the time and effort to read and comment, ganymeder.

  4. stephen

    nice, comrade. well done.

    i like the first two sections, esp. the last line of I and the whole of II.

    i keep circling around the first sentence of 3, though, wondering if we could just find ourselves driving down lake shore drive….it’s an interesting question, how much meta-information to provide in one of these pieces. i’m sure i rarely get it right, so am interested in how other folk resolve it.

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