The Tank by Catherine Russell

JoAnne hated grocery shopping. Though she couldn’t wait to leave, she took the longer route to the next item on her list so she would bypass the cold and sinister department in the store’s back.

Dammit. They’d moved her son’s favorite cookies to the rear endcap.

She breathed deep and turned the cart around. Her son hung onto the handle and wrinkled his nose at the cases of meat. Soon the large tank nearby drew his attention. “What’s that, Mom?” he asked, pressing his small hand against the glass.

The aquarium’s only occupants piled together, stacked upon each other with claws bound by large thick bands. No cheerful animated divers or sparkly castles graced the freezing water.

“Those are lobsters,” she said, though what she really thought was They’re doomed.

Though their cold induced lethargy pained her, she knew that all too soon they would know heat. “Let’s go,” she told her son, grabbed a box of cookies, and turned the cart around, anxious to leave the Happy Time Grocery’s meat department.

The little boy waved farewell to the lobsters and ran to catch up with his mother.

In her wake, her neighbors shopped and picked out the creature’s they’d have for that night’s family dinner.


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4 responses to “The Tank by Catherine Russell

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  2. Oooh, this is so real. It’s hard to eat a curiosity, a possible friend or plaything. Well-done. Or perhaps I should say well-boiled :^) Peace…

  3. Jen

    Reminds me of when I was little and fascinated by lobster tanks… until I found out why they were there. :O Love the tension of the mom’s disturbance and her son’s innocent interest. Well done!

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