Damn Headache by Linda Simoni-Wastila

Annoying little dog, yipping next door all night. I lug the pseudoephedrine and stew-meat from the grocery bag. There. That should fix it.

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14 responses to “Damn Headache by Linda Simoni-Wastila

  1. Love this, Linda!

    I live in Hampden. Would this work on carousing teenagers?

    • Do you really live in Hampden? There’s SO many Maryland folks ’round here. Unfortunately the med is only lethal in animals, including dogs and large rodents such as deer. Peace…

  2. Awesome. I’m not quite sure if this is brilliant, kind, or evil. :)

  3. Matt Potter

    I read this … and then came back later and read it again and chuckled. Short, sweet and deadly.

  4. the flat tone you use makes it especially lethel–

  5. errr… meant to say lethal

  6. Al McDermid

    Ah yes, pharmacological solutions to modern living. :)

    Great flash! Sound like something I’d hear over at Drabblecast.

  7. Thanks all for reading! I had fun with this one, not my usual doom-and-gloom. Peace…

  8. Jen

    I love this! Telling a story in such a small space is tough, but I love how potent those few words are. (also, this reminds me of some mornings where I live… next to a dog grooming business. I swear, I won’t try this at home. ;))

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