The Sensation by Al McDermid

“And then Jon shows up, hovering like he wants to sit, and you know how Del feels about Jon…”

The sensation starts at the back of head and I mistaken it for a mosquito, though I know it’s on the inside.

“There’s a free chair, so he sits uninvited, talking nervously like he does…”

It crawls into my lizard brain and I smile at the impulse to kill.

“Well, you know Del, always ranting and carrying on, but he just sits there, stone-silent, so we know he’s pissed and…”

It borrows farther into my brain and I imagine newly transformed bees eating themselves free of the honeycomb.

“So Jon is going on about some inane crap and Del just loses it, laughing madly, and we’re all just gaping at him, and he finally stops and says he’s never heard a bigger pile of…”

It spreads itself across the back of my head. I’m ready to pull off a piece of my skull to get to it.

“Brenda then gets all mad at Del and starts telling him off and so Amy jumps and I’m sure there’s going to be a catfight and…”

It wraps itself around my brain, squeezing it into citrus pulp, chasing reason before it.

“Charlene,” I say, and she finally stops talking. “Could you please just shut up?”

“Jeez, if you don’t what to hear this just say so.”

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12 responses to “The Sensation by Al McDermid

  1. I’m actually with Charlene on this one. He could have told her before she went on for so long!

    Nicely written! Got a very good feel for how irritated he was.

  2. Haha! People like Charlene are annoying like mosquitoes. Lots of fun, and cool take on the theme. Peace…

  3. I felt this “thing” taking over my brain too as I was reading… it was very unsettling, the way you brought in this almost “third character,” this brain eating thing– good story!

  4. “Jeez, if you don’t what to hear this just say so.”

    i once tried to just say so. ended up in an own story :)

  5. TDK

    Loved the part about the bees. Very strong.

    The citrus vs. pulp was not as strong because one is taste-based, the other is more touch-based. But the effect was conveyed … but is it only because I have felt similar feelings. It was clear to me…would it be so to another?

    The dialogue and variants of pathos were very well delivered.

    • Al McDermid

      Thank you. I was thinking of the feel of the actually pulp, the image of hand-squeezed, but I see your point; the natural place to go would be taste.

  6. Jen

    Haha… fun take on the theme! :) Yes, an allergy to annoyingly chatty people sounds legit to me!

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