Allergic Reactions #1: the Sun by Darryl Price

Well I too woke up and outside there was the shining sun
literally smashing itself against the window like a crazed yet determined yellow

bird but it just couldn’t break through the little rows of shuttered
blinds like it wanted to. It would hit and fall and recircle

and try again over and over again. Okay, I said, I guess
I’m up. You can knock it off now. I stuffed the rest

of my sleep under the pillow for later. The usual things followed.
I opened the door and there the sun tried to stick its

huge foot in but it still couldn’t enter the house altogether. I
got in the car and the sun immediately clamped down on the

silver top and beat it with its fiery fists until I turned
on the radio. This seemed to scare it away to some distance.

However it continued to glare at me from behind several boulder shaped
clouds. These clouds in turn were trying desperately to roll away and

gather against some other part of the sky. The sun hung on
with all ten fingers. I rolled down the window and none other

than the wind reached a hand in and tossled my hair about
and then swam on beside the front tires like a friendly dolphin.

The sun poured on the heat and finally the wind went beneath
the pavement and stayed there. I pulled up to work and got

out just as the sun settled on a corner of the old
building like a vulture looking disinterested but nonetheless a little bit hungry.


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2 responses to “Allergic Reactions #1: the Sun by Darryl Price

  1. I loved the personifications of the sun and wind. Vivid and wonderful.

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