Parasite by Stephen Hastings-King

Once the expression finishes repeating it writes itself again. I write it again.
From the repeating on my monitor it travels through every node in every network.
And every node repeats it. Everywhere is the same.

I do not remember how this started, if it started, if it has not always been this: encounter is exposure and threshold is in the crossing.
But when I stop repeating I have reactions that will not stay in frame. Relations to my skin scatter before zones of red and running.
Sometimes I think of Danton in his bath. All my intimacies are allusions.

Once the sentence is finished repeating I write it again.
I write it again and again until I fall asleep.
Last dream I saw Brahma dreaming. I breathed my sentence into his ear.

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4 responses to “Parasite by Stephen Hastings-King

  1. thanks ganymeder. i think this whole thing came about from watching a clip of alan watts talking about time on youtube.

  2. Wonderfully circular. Like a mantra. Peace…

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