Brunch by Marcus Speh

The mask on the wall of Roger’s apartment wasn’t a mask at all but an alien head as he’d tell anyone who’d ask and many who didn’t. Every Sunday when we met for brunch at the Kaffeehaus Lala Orange, he’d bring the thing and put it in the centre of the table where it floated as if held by invisible strings and began to soothingly talk to every one of us. Not aloud which would have raised the suspicion of the waiters and other guests but silently in our own heads. This actually happened or if it didn’t it so realistically didn’t happen that it came as close to being real as the existence of this world comes to proving the Book of Genesis. But it all stopped one week when Roger stopped coming and therefore couldn’t bring the alien head and we had to get along without it, just like that.


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9 responses to “Brunch by Marcus Speh

  1. Matt Potter

    Well, I laughed out loud at this one, the first coming with ‘Kaffeehaus Lala Orange’. Now I have to look up whether that place is real, on Google Maps …

  2. >as close to being real as the existence of this world comes to proving the Book of Genesis<

    I loved that line, but the whole story brimmed with humor and self deprecation. Loved it.

  3. if i start quoting the good lines, i end up quoting the whole story. wunderbar, really.

  4. Kelly Grotke

    the reality of the improbable, I like this take on the theme

  5. wonderfully surreal but almost believable. great interpretation of the theme… funny how folks missed the head but not Roger. peace…

  6. thanks folks – much appreciated. @matt: lala orange lives: … but i do not know of any coffee house by that name…cheers!

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  8. Darryl P.

    Fun and funny.

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