Space Camp by Lou Freshwater

Walter was a news anchor.  He pushed out every word with force and emphasis.  Walter used a lot of words a lot of the time.  Listening to others only complicated things.  Walter came home one night, his six-year old son tugged at his freshly dry-cleaned suit.

“Daddy, daddy, there’s gonna be a solar nami!”

Walter kept walking toward the kitchen, he wanted his Scotch.  “What [beat beat] are you talking about?”

“A solar nami is coming and it might make all the lights go out! Out, out!!”

“A solar [beat] nami.”


Walter knew that his son was lost again, his mind was constantly in space camp.  Walter knew, because Walter reported the news. And he had not reported anything as insane as a solar tsunami.  He poured his Scotch into his beveled glass with one ice cube, put there mostly for the sound.  He went over to the couch and told the boy to play in his room.  He turned on the TV.  It was time to watch the re-broadcast of his newscast on cable.  He liked to study and improve.  On the TV a very serious Walter said, “Good Evening [beat beat] and welcome [beat] to Eye [beat] Witness Neewwwsss.  Walter was leaning back against the beige suede couch when in an instant the world went dark.  He felt a panic spreading from his chest.  He picked up the remote and kept pushing the button as his terrified son tripped over a toy while running into the room.

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