Space Camp by Matthew A. Hamilton

Watching the Star Wars Trilogy. That was Space Camp for me in 1989.

Mom had the money, but she left after finding out dad was shacking up with the neighbor’s daughter. That’s why no real Space Camp that year. No money. Dad lost his job a year before and didn’t bother trying to get another one. He started driving a Pepsi truck after mom left.

I was mad about not going to Space Camp, but I didn’t mind. I liked dad the best and decided to stay with him. He let me do what I wanted. Sometimes he snuck me a beer, even though I told him that the cops weren’t going to smash in our door and take me away over a beer. But dad was a war vet, first Gulf War. He freaked out about everything: a mouse scratching the inside of a wall, water dripping, a ringing doorbell. I mean, every fucking thing.

Eventually, the cops did take me away, but not over a beer. It was over a dream dad had. He woke up screaming and tearing his room to pieces with a hunting knife. Then he pulled his gun and blasted his desk lamp. He swore that it was an Iraqi soldier. Anyway, the neighbors called the cops and dad was hauled away in cuffs.

Now I live with mom. I hate it. But at least I’ll get to go to Space Camp next year.

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3 responses to “Space Camp by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. Powerful emotional punch to this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the way you went off on a tangent with the theme, how you used it to anchor to the story. Really super, one of your best. Peace…

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