Space Colony by Susan Gibb

In the beginning, there were thirty-five of us. Twenty-five women and ten men. We were all young, healthy, selected for our child-bearing genes. We were told to go ahead and have fun.

Thirteen of the women got pregnant the first month. Ten of the babies aborted themselves, unable to cope with the difference in external environment. We kept trying, selecting men as if they were stud horses, by their fertility because they all were intelligent, all handsome and strong.

After eleven months, we’d each suffered several miscarriages. I alone carried a pregnancy to six months, the longest. I alone went through an actual birth but too early, or as we know now, too late. The baby was dead.

After two years they stopped sending replacements. They know what we know, that time is all scrambled up here. The wheelchairs they’ve sent us, and high blood pressure meds, but no doctor in his right mind will come.

It’s been nearly three years and I’m weary. There is only one other left with me now. His hair, like mine, is silver and long. We sleep curled into each other, taking advantage of the months that will pass in the night.

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8 responses to “Space Colony by Susan Gibb

  1. Very powerful, very human SF.

  2. Great story told succinctly. Very well done.

  3. I love the way this unfolds. And the ending is gorgeous. Way to go Susan.

  4. Even on second read (or: even more so), this story is breathtaking.

  5. Chilling and human, leaves with me with a sense of futility for our future. Gorgeous. Peace…

  6. this is quite wonderful, susan. a whole novel could unfold from here…i can almost see it. cheers!

  7. Thank you so much, all! I just came to read all the stories and just realized there were some comments–it made my week!

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