The New Nature! by Ann Testa

“Mommmm Daddddd !  Can we go to Chucky Cheese NOW??? Pleeeaaasssee???”

Visions of pepperoni and cola unencumbered by gravity entered Deanna’s mind as she stood in the doorway of cabin 437b with her stern face in full expression wondering how these children could have come from her body.  They were hungry after going to the “Super Galactic!” observation deck to see Earth.

Deanna had had her doubts about “Camp Cosmos!” but Jordan thought it would be fun for the kids.  Brochure phrases kept sneaking into conversations: “vacation in the stars!”, “experience the new nature…in space!”  While Jordan and the kids thought of adventure,  Deanna thought of a giant tin can in space filled with exclamation points.  But, the “old nature” was getting crowded.  Last year’s vacation had 10 Mc Donald’s cooling stations complete with canyon cones and McWater during the hike down to the floor of the Grand Canyon.  Not the experience of Deanna’s youth or the experience she wanted for her children, so why not rocket to the newest frontier?

“Ok!”  Deanna said as she allowed a mischievous twinkle to enter the corner of her eye, “Who wants to eat pizza in Zero-G?!”  Jordan, Cassie and Max raced out of the cabin headed toward the outer ring while Deanna sauntered behind, realizing her fate as she passed a Chucky Cheese laundromat on the way to the Chucky Cheese pizza playground and pined for the grass stains and her  mud covered toddlers of just a few years ago.

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5 responses to “The New Nature! by Ann Testa

  1. We’ve homogenized the Earth and now we’re expanding that to the stars. A Chuck E. Cheeze on every planet – *shiver* Now that’s a scary thought!

    Great take on the theme! Very original.

  2. Oh, my god. I was so certain of my spelling…I did not even check! I even visualized billboards with that spelling! Thank you for looking beyond that snafu and giving your thoughts on my first venture here at 52/250.

  3. Jen

    I’m pretty sure a world ruled by Chuck E. is scarier than McDonalds or WalMart. Ahhh!

    Fun take on the theme. Some things never change…even in space! =)

  4. Great interpretation of the theme. I think yours is by far the scariest, because it’s likely to be the truest. peace…

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