The State of Things by Kelly Grotke

“What is interesting today will not be tomorrow.”

“Your statements are like stones thrown into a conversation.”

“Nothing is now proven or disproven by words.  All words are like stones, and conversations are merely the ripples that remain as the stone sinks to the bottom.”

“But over time, the water will fill with stones.”

“When that happens, it will no longer interest us.”

“How can you exist within such abstraction?”

“As the rest of us do, inside our own and the ones we borrow, and if by existence you mean consistency, then that is a small thing mattering only to myself.”

“But what if your abstraction is a lie?”

“It is what it is.  Animals are not true nor flowers false.”

“I don’t think you appreciate the gravity of the situation.”

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9 responses to “The State of Things by Kelly Grotke

  1. This makes me wonder if they take the time to just smell the flowers.

    Nicely done.

    • Kelly Grotke

      thanks, reverend. believe it or not I received some indirect inspiration via your Beckian drama. And I’ve been reading logic, sorta.

      Did you laugh? it was supposed to be funny. I think I missed, though.

  2. Loved the last line, quite sardonic. The circularity of the story lots of fun. Peace…

  3. yeah, sardonic, like it and the form, too. could be a recording of a conversation held in at least one of my marriages.

  4. Al McDermid

    I love it. Reads like species of conversational navel gazing. And the last line! Talk about irony.

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