Why I Did What I Did by Walter Bjorkman

There was no way you were going to let that star fall without catching it, putting in your pocket and never letting it fade away. Kamloops is a town that releases its secrets right in your face, unless you are younger than young and don’t have the intelligence of the caribou coming down the mountainside from the early September snow up above. There, you glided above cloud tops and soared over a raging Upper Columbia River, Banff some dark ceiling on a map hovering up above, with no symbols or markers of a land traversed by men, like Hel in ancient times, the deep unknown.

There was no way you were going to get offa that cloud teetering on the ridge between Pecos Baldy and Pecos Baldy East, a narrow ridge suspended on the continental divide, the headwaters to the Gulf trickling out of the ground to your right, to the Pacific off to your left, the purple below slowly receding in distance and height as they faded into endless horizon.

There was no way you were going to return to the campground after that moonless night on the banks of a small stream in a clearing in the Northern California mountains, with no, absolutely no, ambient city, town or even campfire light to obscure the Universe from your youthful blitzed-out gaze without becoming an astro-physicist, or a poet


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4 responses to “Why I Did What I Did by Walter Bjorkman

  1. Astro-physicist or Poet? Why not both? :)

    Sweet and nostalgic.

  2. wonderful. i had printed all stories, and this ended on “the deep unknown” first. then later i realized it goes on. i like both versions, the short that is still gliding, the long with the return.

  3. gorgeous. I love the way you use words in unusual places, makes your stories sing. peace…

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