2 a.m. by Catherine Russell

An eternity lies
between now
and sunrise.
I can’t wait for the dawn
to dispel the demons of the night-
the monster under the bed
and the boogieman
hiding just out of sight
into nothing more
than a pile of clothes
or oddly placed stuffed animals.

Mama says its just my
that the dawn changes nothing-
only reveals what was there all along.

I know better.
Children see the things that adults turn away from.

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9 responses to “2 a.m. by Catherine Russell

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  2. Al McDermid

    I know better.
    Children see the things that adults turn away from.


  3. If you leave the pile of clothes long enough, you can grow your very own boogeyman. LOL

  4. Nice piece. I believe children really do see things adults miss.

  5. I’m not a child but sometimes I have mistaken a coat rack in a darkened living room for a boggart! :)

    You are such the versatile writer – your poem is wonderful.

  6. Fabulous! The last stanza — gave me chills. Peace…

  7. Jen

    Beautifully done! Love the twist at the end.

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  9. derin

    Brilliant. Maybe the dark reveals the things hidden by daylight.

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