Can’t Wait by Linda Simoni-Wastila

I can’t wait till I’ve saved enough money from this goddamn gig slinging tacos at the Tastee-Kone and can pay off my old man for the Chrysler cuz then I am so out of this numbfuck place, this tired valley full of dumbshit farmers and their almond trees, and me and Mariah will drive up the coast, past pussy Big Sur and Russian River and disappear into the woods, maybe Oregon, hell, who knows, just like all the hippies did thirty years ago, and she’ll grow organic shiitakes and reishi on moldy logs and I’ll farm sensi from the killer weed seeds hidden in the origami crane, the one the Japanese woman on the corner gave to me two years ago in the Haight when I was high as a fucking kite, my right eye bashed in because The Dude said I owed him money, but I needed to score, and this tiny Jap, lady really, though all her stuff was in plastic bags, was selling these folded-paper creatures on the corner, a buck each, and I looked at the money stashed in the cup between her knees, my hand fisted and spit gushed in my mouth just thinking of the baggie, but she looked up at me, her white-streaked hair tied into a tight little — what do you call it, a chignon? – and anyway, she looked up at me and handed me this crane and said, “I will pray for you.”

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8 responses to “Can’t Wait by Linda Simoni-Wastila

  1. Ohhhhhh… It started out with such crudeness and ended sweetly. Nice one.

  2. Al McDermid

    I know the ‘can’t wait to get out’ feeling too well and you really captured it. I like the rant that follows as well, with no sense of the end till it gets there. Good stuff.

  3. That’s one long sentence!

  4. Hey all, thanks for reading. I had a lot of fun writing this story. Peace…

  5. i read this one in your blog – and enjoyed the revisit. even though i knew the ending turn, it still moved me.

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