I can’t wait by Barbara-Lucy Hosken

I’m in England now and I’m on my way to see my Aunt. She is
Ninety-eight and going strong in spite of having cancer
about 30 years ago. She is my only living relative of that
generation, and I’ve always loved her. She was my mother’s
sister, but a much nicer person that Mother ever was! Every
year she baked and iced a beautiful cake for my birthday for
as long as I can remember and sent it to me wherever I
happened to be,till she was no longer able to do it. She
used to be a confectioner, so her cakes were always superb.
Now she’s living in a Retirement home where I hope to see
her within the next few days. She is still very aware of
everything around her.  She gets up every morning and
dresses carefully, making sure that her outfit is welll
coordinated. She ‘makes up’ before she has breakfast, so
that she is always ready to be seen – even by her carers.
I’m getting more and more excited as the days fly by.  I can
hardly wait to see her.

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3 responses to “I can’t wait by Barbara-Lucy Hosken

  1. A lovely little story. Thanks!

  2. If she was my aunt, I’d feel the same way! Sweet little story. Peace…

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