Queue by Dorothee Lang

She never had been good at patience. Reliability, understanding, self-discipline, even humour – no problem on those fronts. But having to wait – for a bus, for a waitress, for a reply – pulled her strings.

“And it gets worse,” she confessed to a friend. “Last week, I got in trouble after I tried to sneak up to the front of a queue. A woman almost hit me with her handbag.”

“Get a garden,” her friend advised. “It’s a great way to learn patience and tranquillity. You can’t rush flowers, and they will calm you.”

So she went ahead. She didn’t want to wait, and thus ordered one of the new ready-to-grow gardens with roses, lilies and other flowers included. It arrived in a huge green parcel. She unrolled it and added water. Then she sat down, and imagined to be a flower in her own garden.

It all went well at first. The garden grew happily, and being a flower induced a general feeling of tranquillity. She still had difficulties with queuing for a bus, but she was better prepared now: she always carried a pop-up flower book with her.

Then the snails arrived. They circled her flowers, then started to queue in front of the petals, set to munch one after the other. She tried to practice understanding and ease, and offered to get some snail snacks. The snails agreed, but lost patience while she queued at the counter, and chewed up the petals until all tranquillity was gone.

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5 responses to “Queue by Dorothee Lang

  1. I really liked how the title and the word Queue ran throughout the piece. If she’d learned a little more patience, she could have just picked the snails off with her fingers…

    Nice story with a little bit of a moral to it. Quite an accomplishment in less than 250 words!

  2. thanks for your feedback!

    the word queue that runs through the piece: the more i look at it, the more i think it’s quite a jumbled queue of letters itself: q-u-e-u-e.

  3. Kelly Grotke

    having just pulled up some buggy dill, I can relate, hehe. I enjoyed the brief but attempted rapprochement with the snails

  4. Loved this the first time on your blog, and now that everything’s ripened more in Eden, love it all the more :^) peace…

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