The Waiting Game by Derin Attwood

The invitation lay on the table, opened, despite being addressed to me. For dinner tonight.

Definitely no! Other dinners with Anne and Bill were tedious, bitchy and back stabbing. I don’t want that. Anyway, any invitation this late in the day requires a phone call.

I flick open my laptop, best answer immediately.

Ping! “You have mail.”

John has been playing with my computer again. I’ll read him the riot act, yet again, later. It may let me know instantly that a message is waiting, but it’s distracting when I have a client.

Click ‘open’. dear soose opened the mail accepted tonights itll be fun i know you can rearrange see you there doll ..**()()**.. john

Grrr, He is beginning to irritate me intensely. I hate bad punctuation as much as no punctuation. What the hell is wrong with looking at spell check? And my name is Sue or Susan. This can go no further.

Dear John,
Thank you for accepting the invitation to Bill and Ann’s. I shall meet you there.

Dear Anne,
Thank you for the invitation to tonight’s dinner. Unfortunately, I can’t make it. John and I broke up this afternoon. As you and he are such good friends, I know he will want to be there, and I wouldn’t want to make him uncomfortable. Do have a lovely evening.
Bcc to Bill.

NOTE IN DIARY … ring janitor … change the lock on front door.

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2 responses to “The Waiting Game by Derin Attwood

  1. *snort* Not a nice way to let him down, but definitely entertaining. :)

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