wait by Randal Houle

I can’t wait. I mean, I can’t. wait, the whole thing is your fault.

my gawd, the pressure to perform and I didn’t even stop by last week, but did you call? text? email? fax? I have a fax machine now, and paper, and ink, well, toner…and I kept the landline and the cell phone and I have unlimited everything but did you look up from your farmville? your island? your sims?

it’s driving me crazy. why aren’t you doing anything? say something.

you have the same 24 hours I do, and yet, here it is, the thing, that I…must…say…is…

forget that, it’s not important, just listen to me now:
you have letters, flowers, fedex, ups, even snail mail, and now email, IM, txt, chat, video, audio, braille…

or you can try one of these: draw with sand, on rock, and in the clouds. you can shout, whisper, rasp, clap, sign, or…are you listening to me?

so you’ve done it, you’ve really done it and now thanks for coming over and reminding me what a shitty friend you are, because I’ve been waiting to tell you about all the ways you could’ve contacted me, friended me, twittered me…but now, I have no time, I can’t wait for you. I. just. can’t. wait.

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11 responses to “wait by Randal Houle

  1. Ironic that this was written for a website… :D

    I enjoyed this. Thanks!

  2. read this one in fictionaut already. very timely approach, and it fits that it now reaches me through this flash landline, too: multiple channels of communication.

  3. Gloria

    Wow! How far you have come son…and yet resorted to picking up the phone. HI MOM I’M IN TOWN! And the simple act of just stopping by… Love You.

  4. Al McDermid

    I think you’ve perfectly captured the essence of the theme. I can feel the impatience.

  5. Thanks Dorothee, Al for commenting on it. (Dorothee for the second time..wait, third time HA)

    Mom, thanks. Love you too.

  6. Love the sardonic, impatient tone seeping all over the page. So much techonology’s got us all bunged up. Peace…

  7. Thanks, Linda. I like the word “bunged” HAve to borrow that someday.

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