“You know about the shame that’s always waiting.” by Ryder Collins

Look, I know you and I aren’t on the same wavelength. You watch America’s Got Talent, you’ve never worked food service, you tip like a cheap bastard because of it, and you’ve never been properly laid. Ever. No matter how hard you wished.

Cos you’ve never tried to get laid properly. That would make you a perv. Especially if you tell your husband/wife/nanny/officeboy/babysitter/crossing guard that the old-fashioned deep sea diver’s suit is what does it for ya.

You know. The one with the round helmet that screws on. It’s like Frankenstein undersea.

Homegirl feels like Frankenstein sometimes and sometimes Homegirl’s felt like she was fucking Frankenstein. That’s why she’s narrowed it down to two guys who don’t remind her of re-animated corpses – Punkboy and Richboy.

But this was all about you.

Have you ever had a Punkboy? Have you ever had a Richboy? Ya ha deedle deedle… Homegirl doesn’t care about money and Homegirl doesn’t care about hygiene so much. I know you do. I know you spent the last hour cleaning your bathroom, collecting the hairs from the bathtub drain, scrubbing the soap from the sink, wiping the piss and blood and cum from around the toilet bowl all the while pretending it doesn’t exist.

& that’s why I worry about you.

& that’s why you’ll never be a part of Homegirl’s world.

Not until she realizes she’s pregnant; not until she realizes how much the body can let you down.

Just wait; I know you know.

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3 responses to ““You know about the shame that’s always waiting.” by Ryder Collins

  1. So crude but the part about being turned on by an Underwater Frankenstein made me laugh! Nice one.

  2. Wow. Powerful stuff here, and wonderfully vitriolic. Peace…

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