Resume of a Thirty-or-so-Hour Day by Randal Houle

06:00 – Shit, shower, shave. One hour commute to my telemarketing job.

07:15 – Exactly seven and one half hours until I can be myself again.

15:30 – Boss’ office. Told to improve or I will be replaced.

17:00 – Drive to next job, eat fast food while editing client’s videotape.

23:30 – Watch David Letterman.

02:30 – Wake up, startled. Run three paper routes.

05:00 – Car, coffee, commute. Back to telemarketing job for Saturday shift.

06:00 – Cannot find office. I usually take MAX from a Park and Ride, but it doesn’t run at this hour.

06:30 – Still driving around downtown, looking for landmarks and parking. Three young men stand on a steep porch — one throws a package through a waiting car window. The driver sees me. I ignore it.

06:45 – I have no idea where I am. I slow down to get a better look at the buildings. The same car pulls up the opposite side of street. A kid runs the package up a flight of stairs. The driver and I make eye contact. My heart pounds. I slam on the accelerator.

07:00 – I park. I’m tired.

15:30 – End of shift, my boss tells me he’ll give me another week. I tell him he can have his week back, I won’t need it.

15:45 – I pull into traffic. The car drives funny. The two rear tires are flat. Still really tired.

19:00 – Tires replaced, commute finished, I fall into bed.

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12 responses to “Resume of a Thirty-or-so-Hour Day by Randal Houle

  1. Just reading this wore me out!

  2. What a strange, funny little story, just loved the voice, the whole way the narrator saw his tightly circumscribed world as a time-line. very good piece

  3. Wow. Poor guy. It’s really hard working several jobs like that. Even without any explanation, I felt sorry for him.

    • Some days you seize the day, sometimes the day seizes you. I actually adapted this for the theme based on a short story of mine called, “Drive.”

      Think a magazine would publish it if I rewrite it based on this? LOL Never know.

  4. Matt Potter

    Well, you had me with ‘Shit, shower, shave’, so I liked it a lot, especially “my boss tells me he’ll give me another week. I tell him he can have his week back, I won’t need it.”

  5. What Matt said. Very tight and taut, non-nonsense approach to a day. Super story. Peace…

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