Dimension #4 by Dorothee Lang

There are dogs howling that night, pulling her awake when all she wants is to stay asleep. There is something else outside, too, at least that’s how it feels when she stands at the window and looks into the dark. The dogs still linger when she lays down again and drifts back to the land of night, into a dream that isn’t from a place she’s been to before.

In the dream, she is with three others. They stand in the middle of a vast, desert landscape. In a distance, there is one single building, huge, with a glass dome in the middle. They walk up to the building, and enter through the open gate. Inside, it’s silence. They walk around, looking for someone, for something to give them a clue. But all the rooms are empty. It feels like walking through the empty halls of a civilization that has faded, without a trace: endless floors of nothingness.

Finally, they reach the glass dome. There are tables underneath it, with a view to the dome, and to the different levels of the building. They take a seat. It feels like being in a solar cafe, only that there is no one else.

Later, people appear. They pass their table without saying a word. As if they couldn’t see them, couldn’t notice them. As if they were in the same place, but in another dimension, or another dream.

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5 responses to “Dimension #4 by Dorothee Lang

  1. Love the phrase ‘a dream that isn’t from a place she’s been to before.’ A hypnotic piece that sleep walks you in along with her.

  2. derin

    Beautifully written. Soulful.

  3. This has such an eerie feel to it, almost as if she were a ghost. Nicely executed.

  4. Fantastical. Like looking through a translucent glass. Really wonderful to read, the absorb the mood. Peace…

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