Somewhere In Between by Heather Taylor

There are only a few ways to be born: head straight out, breech, Caesarean. There are countless ways to die, some unimaginable, and sometimes death comes before birth in which case the baby is stillborn. Sleep lies somewhere in between.

The dictionary says it is “a natural periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is lost.” The body seems to stay put on the bed, the mattress, the hammock. Yet the mind is on full power dreaming. It isn’t lying on the mattress with you.

The mind is more conscious when it is asleep. It doesn’t have to deal with the distractions of being awake: there’s no need to hold back that fart that’s been threatening; there’s no dried bugger itching the inside of your nostril, no urgent need to pee. No one is talking to you forcing you to listen.

During sleep the mind tells us where we are between birth and death. It tells us in dreams. If we can’t handle that knowledge we either don’t remember our dreams or can’t attach meaning to them.

People who are prepared for their own funerals are those who can navigate their dreams. Those who deny their dreams attach nightmares to their days.

We are what we dream.

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5 responses to “Somewhere In Between by Heather Taylor

  1. Al McDemid

    Reminds me of Jung’s ‘Proceed fromthe dream outward’ or Chuang Tzu’s ‘butterfly dream’. I especially liked ‘Those who deny their dreams attach nightmares to their days.’

  2. Jen

    Spooky… and very, very cool. Enjoyed it! :)

  3. Breathtaking first line. Wonderful essay, really makes me think. Peace…

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